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Loans to employees of Health: how they work?

Employees of Health: one of the beating hearts of the country! In 2010 they amounted to over 700,000 people, of whom about 670,000 were permanent (based on a statistical analysis available on the website of the Ministry of Health ). Workers who, having verified certain conditions, can benefit from loans to Healthcare employees on exclusive terms ! Let’s see together which ones.

Employees of Health: who they are

Employees of Health: who they are

As the name suggests, it is a category of workers employed by the “public health”: ASL (Local Health Authorities), but also Hospital and University companies, Institutes of hospitalization and care of a public scientific nature, and to a lesser extent AReS ( Regional Health Agency) and ESTAR (ex ESTAV, bodies set up in some regions to support healthcare companies).

All those who fall into these categories have the possibility of requesting loans on reserved terms, to obtain liquidity, meet unexpected expenses or carry out a new project.

Small loans and long-term loans for Health employees

Small loans and long-term loans for Health employees

The first option envisaged for public employees and therefore for Healthcare employees is offered by the INPS / ex-INPDAP system. This identifies two forms of loan for doctors, nurses, OSS and other figures : the small loan and the multi-year loan.

  • Small loan : in this case the number of installments varies from 12 to 48 and the amount of the credit is rather low (usually no more than 8,000 USD). No special requirements are required; on the other hand, administrative costs must be placed on the balance plate, the cost of the Risks Fund premium and other ancillary items.
  • Long-term loan : for this type of loan the duration varies from 60 to 120 months. The main disadvantage is given by the constraints, for example the fact of having to prove the credit costs with appropriate documentation. The practice is consequently very long and complex, delaying the actual availability of money.

The winning alternatives: Assignment of the Fourthe and Distributed Loan

The winning alternatives: Assignment of the Fifth and Loan Delegation

The INPS / ex-INPDAP system is certainly not the only way for employees of Health. If the small loan is not sufficient or if the long-term loan is too binding, then it is advisable to focus on other solutions, first of all the Fourthe Assignment for ASL employees.

The advantages of the Cession of the Fourthe are multiple and guaranteed by the retention mechanism of 20% of the net salary (hence the term “Cession of the Fourthe”): a sustainable installment, a fixed rate in the agreement, an automated procedure for the release of documentation, and again an insurance policy included, an installment up to 10 years and a flexible amount from 5,000 to 75,000 USD.

Another opportunity that should not be underestimated is the Distributed Loan, also known as a payment Distributed or double Fourthe, a loan to supplement a current Fourthe Loan that allows for additional liquidity, with a total monthly payment of up to 40% of the net salary. For the Distributed Loan, our agency can count on various agreements with many health facilities: ask for a quote for your Loan in the Convention now.

Debt Consolidation and Renewal of the Fourthe Assignment

Furthermore, in the event that other loans are in progress, it is possible to take advantage of  Consolidated Debts, a procedure that allows the consolidation of debts contracted with different interlocutors in favor of a single loan and a single more sustainable installment.

And if you are already the Fourthe being Assignment? No fear, it is possible to proceed with the Renewal of the Fourthe Assignment, after verifying that 40% of the amortization plan has been reached.

Loans & Financing has a long experience in loans with Assignment of the Fourthe, Distributed Loans and Debt Consolidation. We are present for more than 20 years in the Italian financial market, with a portfolio of more than 50,000 satisfied customers.

If you are a public employee or an employee of Health, you can rely on the experts of our team and request a free quote without obligation. We are across Italy:  contact us now, the advice is complimentary to !

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