Car loan without BIK, KRD, how to get it?

Every year in Poland we register an increasing number of cars. Of course, the largest part of them are used cars, which we buy or import from abroad, usually from the west. However, the number of new cars sold and registered is also growing. Customers are increasingly deciding to buy a car straight from the salon, which they will be the first owners. Is it due to the sudden riches of society and we can soon expect that everyone will be able to buy the dream four wheels in the salon? It would be very nice, but it is not quite so. Sales of new and used cars are growing, because loans are becoming more and more popular – not only cash – but also those that are to be used directly for buying a car.

Since we are talking about numbers, it is also worth looking at them from a different angle. Car sales are increasing, but the sum of bank loans not repaid by Poles is also growing. People who have or have recently had a payment backlog may rather forget about the help of traditional banks to finance the purchase of a car. Does this mean that they are doomed to travel by public transport? Fortunately not. All they have to do is decide on a car loan without BIK or KRD.

Car loan – keys in half an hour

Car loan - keys in half an hour

If our credit history and reports from the Credit Information Bureau and the National Debt Register leave a lot to be desired, unfortunately we will not be able to take advantage of the banks’ offer. Then, loan companies will be helpful, as they will not check information in these institutions, and will focus only on our current situation. It is worth mentioning here that there are parabanks that will check our report in BIK, but they will be very gentle in its assessment, and in many cases they will simply not take it into account. Our statement is the basis for assessing creditworthiness.

We will be asked how much we earn, what are the monthly costs of our lives and how many family members are dependent on us. This information will be used to calculate the amount of the car loan without BIK and KRD. It is very convenient that loan companies do not require a number of documents from us – no employment certificate or employment contract will be required. Our statement is enough. The analysis is extremely fast because it usually takes a few or several minutes. If our earnings are sufficient for the parabank, we receive a positive credit decision, and immediately after that we can sign a loan agreement. Of course, the last step is the withdrawal of funds.

Security for loan companies

We should remember, however, that if we decide on a car loan for a new company without BIK and KRD, the loan company has the right to settle us with the purchase made. We should not spend money on credit for other purposes, only for the declared one, i.e. a new or used car. Some loan companies – when granting a car loan – require you to enter this information on your vehicle card. Sometimes a vehicle card deposit is also required until the commitment is paid. Why? To avoid a situation in which the borrower sells the car and stops paying off the loan. However, if the liability is settled in a timely manner – the vehicle card will return to the owner and from now on it will be possible to sell the car. Earlier it is also feasible, but first of all the money from its sale will be used to repay the loan.

Car loans – specification

Car loans - specification

A car loan without BIK is a financial instrument with a targeted purpose. It does not function like other loans, the cash of which can be used for any purpose. If you apply for a car loan without BIK and KRD, you should be prepared to verify by the bank whether the car was actually bought. Nevertheless, a quick car loan without BIK does not work in a similar way to leasing – the vehicle is the borrower’s property from the very beginning. Car loan without KRD is a convenient and alternative form of crediting your dream vehicle, even for people with low scoring in BIK. Of course, the better the applicant’s income and credit standing, the better – he can then count on better conditions – a lower interest rate for the benefit or a higher loan amount. When applying for a car loan from BIK, one should take into account that the bank or financial institution will verify the report from the Credit Information Bureau on the timeliness and course of servicing the applicant’s liabilities. When a bank or lending company verifies such information, it is highly likely that a car loan for indebted people will not be at hand. Therefore, it is worth asking the adviser about possible solutions, because the current financial offer of various institutions provides various credit options for people in virtually every possible financial situation, even the best.

Car or cash loan?

Of course, no one will prohibit us from taking advantage of the ordinary cash loan offer from a loan company. Then the funds received can be used for what we want – also for the purchase of a car – but there are no restrictions. The vehicle card is our property all the time and we can sell the vehicle at any time. So why are there car loan offers? It’s simple, they are better. If the customer decides to use a car loan without BIK and KRD, he can count on better conditions than in the case of a standard cash loan from a loan company. This is because the car is a kind of loan collateral for a financial institution. In return, it will offer us better credit terms that will make repayment easier.

Car loan for companies without BIK

Car loan for companies without BIK

Not only individuals can apply for a car loan without thorough verification of BIK and KRD. In the era of popularizing startups, car loans for new companies have become one of the most desirable banking products. Usually, a novice entrepreneur does not have extensive documentation confirming the amount of income and profitability of his own company. Often, in such situations, applying for a traditional company loan will be refused. A car loan for companies that are starting their business or have had financial problems in the past is the most obtainable. The entire procedure for applying for a car loan for a company may, however, involve the need to provide various documents and statements required by the banking procedures and the analyst during the verification of the application.

The loan amount and repayment period is always tailored to the individual capabilities of the company. Most often, the debt is spread over a specified schedule of the number of capital and interest installments, the amount of which is adjusted to the income and liabilities held. The use of a car loan for a company is usually more profitable in terms of interest and general conditions than taking a typical loan for any purpose. The bank, having a car security, has a certainty of a refund of borrowed funds in the event of repayment problems. Thanks to this, it can offer more attractive financial conditions than in the case of classic banking products.

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